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  • Ooty Toy Train: A Must Try!

    No Ooty vacation is complete without having a ride in the the toy train. Experiencing natural charm through this little wonder of Ooty is something that you won’t forget all your life! Read More +
  • Deer Park Ooty

    Imagine having a close interaction with one of the most beautiful of animals. At Ooty Deer Park have an experience worth remembering with these deers. Read More +
  • Ooty Lake

    Have some relaxed moments as you take a soothing boat ride at Ooty Lake. With lush greenery and mesmerising settings around, you get the opportunity to closely experience the simplistic nature. Read More +
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Best time to Visit Ooty: Climate (if any) is the only serious deterrent which might spoil your travel plans to Ooty. But regarding climate too, Ooty has something different to offer all throughout the year. The summer is perhaps the best time to visit the place, if you are planning to visit all the tourist spots, including some adventurous treks and hand gliding. With only the occasional warmth of the sun there to remind you that it is actually summer, you can comfortably visit any place you have in mind in and around Ooty, without having to fear the dreaded heat.

It will also be a good way to escape the scorching heat, that will be burning the other parts of the country, at least for a few days. Besides it actually gets chilly during the night. The monsoons can be a real party crasher, if you are planning on covering maximum spots during your visit. But if you are at Ooty just as a nature enthusiast, then monsoon is the best time. The mountains are filled with a new life, with, once dry waterfalls flowing wild and mountain rivers running fearlessly. A whole new range of flora reveals itself in the Nilgiris encouraged by the monsoons and you are surely in for a treat.

Never before seen plants and flowers fill the mountain slopes and valleys and the shear wildness and beauty of these flowers will leave you in awe and screaming for more. But travelling from one spot to another can get real nasty during the monsoons, as mountain roads get slippery and visibility decreases due to heavy fog. Winter is a totally different ball game in Ooty. Though the treks and adventure sports have a high probability of being closed due to visibility and safety issues, you can visit all other popular tourist spots. The misty mountains and the chilling cold will definitely bring out the lover in you if you are travelling to Ooty for your honeymoon or if you are with your ‘special’ person.

There will not be anyone who would not wish a morning walk through the misty winter roads of Ooty with the one you love. So, the concept of ‘Best time to visit’ does not actually apply to Ooty because it is wonderful to visit during anytime of the year depending on your needs. Besides the large number of hotels and resorts present for accommodation and the extensive connectivity to neighboring cities and towns through road and rail is an added advantage, wherein you can just pack your bag, leave your normal, mechanical life behind, board a bus or a train and just leave for Ooty. The onus is on you to get out of your couch and pack your bags and walk out of that front door. Because Ooty is one place that will keep calling you back once you have visited it. Be it summer, monsoon or winter, Ooty will enthrall you will the natural grandeur of the mountains and the hospitality of its residents.

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